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Make a Real Impact with HBC in Boys & Girls Club

 Education is one of the most important factors in determining future success.

But, despite special education programs, after-school tutoring, peer-tutoring, computer-based ‘catch-up’ programs, most American students are not reaching their academic potential.

So, why aren’t those interventions working?

All those supplemental education, tutoring, and software programs are designed to re-teach academics that have already been taught in the classroom when the real answers lie in the brain and how it learns. (See Why Does HBC Work?)

So what can we do instead?

It’s time to look at how the brain learns and use that knowledge to teach kids effectively.

When most people think of “learning skills,” they think of reading, math, and spelling. But there are deeper, far more important skills too: the most important learning skill is ‘processing’.

Our brains process information just like a computer does. If we process information quickly, we can understand it quickly. If we process slowly, learning is more difficult.

If our brains are running slowly, even the most cutting-edge instruction will not help us learn.

Programs that teach academic skills while increasing processing skills help kids improve their ability to learn EVERYTHING.

Hardy Brain Camp Learning Programs are designed to help every student in Boys and Girls Clubs enjoy success at school. With this unique approach to learning, Hardy makes a difference for students who are very behind as well as giving average and gifted kids an academic boost.

Hardy Programs also improve club member’s ability to pay attention, think faster, follow directions and have more confidence in their abilities so school subjects become easier.

Hardy Brain Camp contributes to the Boys & Girls Club’s mission and core beliefs:

  • to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens
  • providing a safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, life-enhancing programs and character development experiences, and hope and opportunity – because HBC is the definition of a life-enhancing program.

Since 2009, Hardy Brain Training Foundation Inc, a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation, has partnered with local Boys & Girls Clubs to implement, study, and refine HBC within the Boys & Girls Club environment.

Recognizing the success of the Hardy programs at Boys and Girls Clubs, in 2017, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America credentialed the Hardy Programs for widespread availability in clubs across the United States.

The result is a set of evidence-based, Club-ready, upbeat, and engaging programs that have dramatically improved the lives of thousands of Club members.

We invite you to partner with us as we work to bring these programs to kids at Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.

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The Students See the Difference

The Data Show the Difference

Staff Observe the Difference

B&GC Staff report that students who went through HBC showed:

  • 23% improvement in following directions
  • 25% improvement in ability to pay attention & focus
  • 24% improvement in ability to work independently
  • 27% reduction in reading frustration
  • 31% improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem

State Achievement Tests Document the Difference

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